Pageant Inforamtion

Hello, and welcome! 

We trust that we will provide you additional information that will answer many of your questions. Each year we work to provide a fair environment in which women have the opportunity to compete not against others, but challenging themselves. We trust the pageant encourages the contestants to build self-confidence, individual pride, and a greater self- awareness.

Each contestant should be able to improve their ability to communicate effectively, to speak in front of people comfortably, and to stand up for what they believe in. We encourage our contestants to find causes or issues they feel strongly about, and to become involved in organizations that speak closest to their hearts. Every woman who enters the pageant has different ideals and goals and strives hard in their personal quest for excellence.

We are pleased that a majority of contestants each year have never participated in a pageant and they find it to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Many contestants have won their first time out, and many others return because of the positive experience they had in our
program. We like to think that each woman walks away from our program with an invigorating perspective about the world around her, and more importantly, the world ahead of her.

Our philosophy for the Mrs. America and Miss For America State Pageant programs are not about encouraging women to "win" a pageant, but to encourage women to develop life skills that will ultimately help them win in life by being their personal best in everything they do.

Pageant Weekend:

While our program places an emphasis on excellence, achievement and personal growth, we also strive to make the pageant experience FUN! The pageant is a one day event at the amazing Mohegan Sun Casino. The contestants also enjoy getting to know the pageant staff and other participants. The contestants will begin rehearsals on arrival day because we put on a high quality production. Rehearsals with our staff in the main ballroom are also being held concurrently that afternoon. Our choreographer and a producer will work to make the rehearsals productive and fun. As a result, the shows are always incredible! The day concludes with dinner and a group meeting before the actual competition.

Pageant Competition:

Each contestant will compete in three equal phases of preliminary competition: interview, swimsuit and evening gown. The results from these preliminary phases of competition are added up, and the contestants with the highest composite scores become semifinalists.

  • Interview: Preliminary interviews. You will have a three-minute interview with a panel of judges. It's very comfortable and conversational. Contestants are scored on their communication skills, and personality. They are NOT scored on the judge’s opinions or personal beliefs.

  • Swimsuit: Each contestant is evaluated on her physical fitness, stage-presence and overall impression.

  • Evening Gown: Each contestant is evaluated on grace, poise, style, stage presence, the confidence with which she carries herself and overall-impression. Judges are instructed to evaluate the contestant, not the dress she is wearing.

The Mrs. America and Miss For America State Pageant Competition kicks off with the opening production number followed by the swimsuit competition and evening gown competition. Soon after, the semi-finalists are announced and will then join the Emcee who will ask a question from their bio, or topics related to their bio. All contestants will participate on stage several times during the show.

The Top-5 finalists will then be announced then each judge will independently select their winner, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, 3rd runner-up, and 4th runner-up in each pageant. These events lead up to the crowning of the new 2020 Mrs. America and Miss For America State.

Pageant Wardrobe:

Private Interview: Business style suit or dress. Pantsuits are acceptable.

Swimsuit: Contestants choose their own swimsuit one-piece suit, appropriate style, and design, and there are no color restrictions. Pantyhose may be worn along with a short wrap around the waist if she will fell more comfortable.

Evening Gown: all contestants must have a full-length evening gown of their choice. The style, design, and color are up to you. It can be elaborate, or very simple. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful. Your gown should represent YOUR own personality and taste. 

Remember that you can look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks!

Mrs. America Pageant 2020
Miss for America Pageant 2020

Mrs. America Pageant 2020

Miss for America Pageant 2020