Mrs. America 2019

Natalie Winslow

Mrs. America Pageant is a beauty competition that was established to honor married women throughout the United States. Each of the contestants representing the 50 states and the District of Columbia range in age from their 20s to 50s and earns the right to participate in the national event by winning her state competition. These state events are under the direction of Mrs. America state directors. 

Mrs. America, Inc., celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016. The pageant moved to its original pageant home, Las Vegas - Westgate Resort, Hotel and Casino. Mrs. America, Inc., announced The Mrs. America 2020 Pageant was held on August 24, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The current titleholder is Natalie Winslow of Nevada.

Miss for america 2019

Kassie Perkins

Kassie resides in Nashville, TN with her adorable orange tabby cat Humphrey. She is an MBA with a background in accounting and financial planning currently working in the music and entertainment industry. Kassie’s firm manages finances for some of country music’s biggest stars such as Chris Stapleton, Naomi Judd, and Marin Morris. Kassie was crowned the first Miss for America in August, 2019 at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Since winning the very first title Kassie has focused on laying the groundwork for the new pageant system by committing to travel to all 50 states while promoting the Miss for America pageant and spreading the message of her published children’s book Where there is a Will, there is a Way to young learners. Kassie has a special connection with the Miss for America national philanthropy, the Victoria’s Voice organization, which supports addiction awareness and recovery in teens. Kassie’s father was in active addiction for nearly 20 years and is now celebrating 6 years in recovery. Over Kassie’s year of service as Miss for America she has passionately encourages the destigmatization of addiction, will speak at over 20 addiction rehabilitation centers, partner with the leading organizations in the nation working to end the opioid crisis, and started her own foundation that sponsors those in active addition to attend a rehabilitation center of their choosing. Kassie LOVES that the new Miss for America pageant gives women a voice to advocate for the causes they are passionate about and that it is the only pageant that celebrates all unmarried women equally by encouraging women from all walks of life to compete alongside each other. Kassie has established her own consulting and pageant coaching business, KP Enterprises, through which she will continue encouraging women to live authentically, passionately, and intentionally long after her time as the first Miss for America is complete.

Mrs. World 2020

Caroline Jurie

The Concept for “Mrs. World” has its roots in one of the oldest and most respected of all competitions – “Mrs. America.” That extravaganza was reorganized by David Marmel featuring a more contemporary and glamorous approach. While beauty is the key element, contestants are also urged to voice their opinions about marriage and current events.

All married women – young wives, mothers and even grandmothers – are eligible to participate. By providing this unique forum, in which delegates from around the world can come together and share a common purpose. “Mrs. World” successfully fosters greater communication, friendship and mutual understanding among all people.

Over the years, “MRS. WORLD” has been produced in many fascinating locations around the world including: Queensland; Australia; Jerusalem; israel; San Jose; Costa RIca; Honolulu; Hawaii (4 years); Las Vegas, Nevada (3 years); 2005, Amby Valley, India near Bombay; 2006 in St. Petersburg, 2007 in Sochi Russia and 2008 in Kaliningrad, Russia, and the 2009 international broadcast of Mrs. World originated from Ba Rua Vung Tau Province, Vietnam. December 2011 the Mrs. World competition will be held in Orlando Florida. In 2013 the pageant was held in Guangzhou, China, 2014 in Solomons, Maryland, 2015 in Dongguan, China, 2016 in Incheon, South Korea and in 2017 it was held in Johannesburg, South Africa.